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Capita Project Videos

Capita Project Videos


"Shouldn't dreams not only be imagined but built?" 

At Capita Construction 

We don't just build DREAMS. 


Project studies and/or experiences listed herein are the intellectual property rights of the owners, Architects and/or Designers of Capita Construction and Development , Inc.

R.A. 9266 SECTION 33. Ownership of Plans, Specifications and other Contract Documents. - Drawings and specifications and other contract documents duly signed, stamped or sealed, as instruments of service, are the intellectual property and documents of thr architect, whether the object for which they are made is executed or not. It shall be unlawful for any person to duplicate or to make copies of said documents for use in the repetition of and for other projects or buildings, whether executed partly or in whole, without the written consent of architect or author of said documents.

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